When the landscape shifts we must shift too

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When the landscape shifts we must shift too

One thing is for sure, no one envisaged the global pandemic would last as long as it has nor would it cause such devastation. Not only taking lives, but livelihoods and the brands that we’ve come to love so dearly.

Many global brands are cutting back their marketing budgets in an effort to reduce cost, but businesses must now look to the future and make plans on how it will survive once the economy gets moving again. Right now, however, the focus should firmly be on raising brand consideration not forcing sales as once lockdown has eased and is lifted the brands that have played a vital role in our lives will be the ones we remain loyal to. 

Our private spaces have become more public. Once shielded from the view of strangers, colleagues and brands our homes are now open… a workspace, classroom, fitness studio, bar and restaurant.  It’s a one space fits all.

Social media has never been a more powerful tool.  Consumers / followers right now more than anything want to feel like they’re part of a community, which is why we are seeing brand and product advertising give way to online conversations, viral challenges, tutorials and classes. Latest Kantar research shows that Facebook usage is up 37%, Instagram usage up 24% and Snapchat usage up 20%. Tik Tok surprisingly has been the biggest winner seeing a staggering increase of 67% in 2020, not only seeing a rise in Gen Z but also millennials downloading the app. 

Whether you are an established brand or a newcomer having a challenger brand mindset will stand you in good stead. Being stuck at home has given us more time to experiment and try new products and in turn build loyalty once restrictions are lifted. There’s never been more opportunity to get eyes on your brand. 

It can seem a daunting task figuring out how you are going to connect emotionally and whether you’re ready to do it, so here’s our top tips:

Don’t be selfish

Now is not the time to focus on yourself and how you can push brand sales.  We’re all in this together and consumers only want to engage with brands that are doing their bit.  Take Papa Johns for example, Last Christmas instead of spending money on designing a limited-edition box, they gave the money to the two charities they support, combatting homelessness and hunger.




Focus on a sense of community

Engaging with your customers, past, present and future is about making yourself part of their community. Learn what matters to them and show them your character. But remember they’ll know if you are not being authentic. PepsiCo’s Unwasted campaign saw the FMCG brand package goods together that were close to their sell by date & sell them to the end consumer at a vastly reduced price.  Tapping into both the sustainability message and helping those families that have been hit hard by Covid-19.




Work out where we’re hanging out

We’re certainly not at the bars, walking the high street or even at the Cinema.  No, you can find us on social media, but what are they doing?

Are we watching / making a TikTok video?

Are we taking part in the latest challenge on Facebook?

Are we getting fit on an online Zoom class or even learning to cook even?

Where we hang out should not only define where you engage with us but also how.  Take Getty Museum’s latest campaign.  When you can’t get to the Museum, they’ll not only bring the museum to you but encourage you to get interactive.  Inviting people to take iconic pieces of art and recreate them, sharing them on their social media channels.  Keeping Getty at the forefront of consumer minds.


Go Live

Use of the broadcast medium has become increasingly popular with both influencers and brands during lockdown, followers want inspiration and reassurance.  Consider what your role could be and how you can add to theirs.  Spotify for example have put on a range of live stream concerts during lockdown.  Keeping their customers connected to the artists they love and a brand that affords them that luxury will always win.

Remember that Covid doesn’t discriminate, but only the fittest brands will survive. Those that are quick to adapt to the ever-changing landscape, keeping their brand relevant and connected.  Ready for when we can eventually breathe freely again.

We’re here if you want to talk through how we can help you get your brand ready.  Just drop us a line or call.

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