What’s with the excessive jargon?

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What’s with the excessive jargon?

Omni-channel or multi-channel, SEO or SEM, AI or AR, personalisation or plusification, the list goes on.

We’ve seen it many times, marketers and agencies using the latest buzz words to demonstrate their superiority.  But are clients really that fickle? Do they really think ‘buzz word agencies’ can take their business further than those that talk in plain English?  Not in our experience.

So why does this continue to happen?

It makes me sound clever

It’s a cut-throat game. You think by using buzz/made-up words both your colleagues and clients think you’re intelligent.  The reality is individuals and agencies that try and make their clients feel inadequate is not clever.

We’re experts

Building a wall of jargon creates an illusion of expertise. Making something very simple sound far more complicated than it is, justifies charging a higher fee.

Technological innovation

The world is changing at an alarming rate and technology is at the heart. We’re entering the unknown.  Those who are early adopters are seen as the true leaders. If you don’t understand it or climb aboard, you’ll get left behind.

We don’t think that way.  We believe we’re all human and using clear, plain language is the best way to make yourself understood.

It’s not that we don’t understand those buzzwords, we do, and we’ll happily sit in a room of people using them, but…

If you want to talk to someone who uses ordinary language and knows what they’re doing, give us a call.

We’d love to chat.






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