Apple CEO hints at cheaper iPhones

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Apple CEO hints at cheaper iPhones

Apple CEO hints at cheaper iPhones as profits fall. Is this the start of the end of their smartphone reign?

Since its launch in 2007, The iPhone has given us some stunning phones which have integrated seamlessly into our lives.

But ever since giants like HTC, Samsung and now Huawei have come into the market, the challenge for iPhone’s crown has become very real.

First HTC gave us it’s intuitive UI, which raised our expectations on what we expect from our smartphone, then Samsung came along to take a large chunk of the Android pie, giving us a sleeker, thinner, sexier, and more powerful smartphone with every launch and now Huawei, with its large OLED screens, built in AI and claim to be the world first 1.4 Gbps3 LTE Cat.21 smartphone for seamless connectivity.

On the other hand, we have the iPhone, which has been more evolutionary rather than revolutionary.   The iPhone 5C launched in 2013 was the first time we started seeing the chinks in iPhone’s armour.  The giant that has never traded on price launched a phone that was the cheaper cousin of the iPhone 5s. 

The reality is they haven’t innovated fast enough, and competitors have caught up and, in some cases, left them behind.  Consumers have cottoned on that there are other credible choices and no longer do they want to be sheep and follow the herd. But it may now be a case of too little too late…

They are not alone in the smartphone profit fall. Apple saw iPhone’s profits fall by 4.5% during the last quarter of 2018 while Samsung say its first drop in profits for its Galaxy S line since 2017. This paints a very poor picture for the future of smartphones.  The poor demand for expensive, high end mobile phones, lack of innovation and use of AI integrated in-home voice activated devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home may just mark the end of the smartphone boom.

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