2019’s functional ingredients

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2019’s functional ingredients

Social media is supercharging conversation and the spread of consumer trends. Shifts in consumer attitude, which typically have evolved over years now can grow and spread within a matter of months. But how as a marketer or innovator can you stave off the competition and stay ahead?

By observing millions of social media conversations, you can gain invaluable insight into consumers’ actual behaviour — their needs, desires and beliefs. But it’s not enough to have insight into what consumers are thinking and doing now. To successfully launch an innovative product, brand owners need foresight on what consumers will think and do next.

Our friends at Black Swan have been busy beavering away on their great product Trendscope

Predicting the unpredictable

Trendscope is Black Swan Data’s innovation platform, which uses Machine Learning models to isolate and contextualise trends within social data. By continually analysing relevant social media conversations, it claims to identify and predict emerging trends earlier and more accurately than any other research tool.

PepsiCo, McDonald’s and Google, among others, have all used this platform to gain a first-mover advantage in their innovation and communication programs, using this insight to make faster, data-driven marketing and innovation decisions.

By way of example, we’ve used Trendscope to review the U.S. non-alcohol beverages category to understand how functional benefits, one of the most important topics in 2018, will develop in 2019. The supporting data comes from more than 240 million consumer generated, social data points during the past two years and contains analysis and predictions about 320 themes and benefits; 2,300 brands and products; and 1,400 ingredients.

If you’d like to learn more about how brands are using AI/social prediction or machine learning to create great consumer journeys and campaigns, drop us a note.

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